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Hello Universe! Today I am posting my very first blog (exciting, I know). As I sit here researching what to write a few things come to mind: "Who will be reading this? Do I have anything worth saying? Are they going to like what they read?" and other thoughts along those lines.

Well I'm here to tell you friends, family, potential clients, and future employers, my name is Katrina Marie LiMandri Hobbs and I am a graphic designer. If you didn't get that when you first clicked on my website, you should probably leave. Just go. See that X button at the top of the screen? Yeah, click it.... Listen, I'm just messing with you. Hi!

This very first blog is mainly just to introduce you to what kind of evil plots and plans I have to take over the world. I jest, mostly. Ahem. I'm really trying to be funny, I'm usually not the jokster type. Anyway! I'll stop now. I plan to post my sketches of the day, projects I'm working on, ideas and thoughts in realtion to graphic design and maybe little tid bits of what I'm up to on a day to day basis.

I hope you'll be a frequent reader and have not been scared off by my antics yet. I look forward to any comments or suggestions and just overall entertaining you!

Best wishes and enjoy the upcoming holiday! I'm a newly born vegetarian (going on a few months) it's quite difficult. I'm lucky however coming from an Italain family. Thanksgiving mostly means pasta, lasagna, and more pasta. :) It's good to be Italian, however the carb count is depressing. Either way, I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday!

- Katrina

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